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The army is wiping out terrorists in Syria

 Damascus met us with intensified military patrols. Allas, nobody made any useful conclusions from what happened during last days. Our car as usual wasn't checked. It seems like Russians are beyond any suspicions to the patrols. But after the last huge act of violence one must make deep postflight analysis and special safety measures. On June, 18, western security service gave up one important agent but managed to destroy the top of the Syrian military forces. This was the beginning of the operation «Volcano in Damascus — Earthquake in Syria» which was announced two days before. The dead ex-leader of the Security Council absolutely trusted the agent, who was a Shiite. That gave him opportunity to install three mines in the Ministers' briefing room. Two of them were exploded. The third one was installed in the room's ceiling but fortunately wasn't activated. Unless if it had happened all the military men and their secretaries would have been dead. The operation seems to be planned by the CIA. Almost immediately the explosions were followed by series of attacks at the different objects in Damascus. I should note that at the same time in Russia the main fighter with Wahhabism in Tatarstan, Yakupov, was shot and 30 minutes after it Ildus Faizov, the supreme mufti of Tatarstan, was injured in a car bombing.

Damascus seemed to be left at that time — for four days its people didn't come out of their houses. But today the streets are full of people. Though this morning I was woken up by three serial explosions of sound grenades. This is the way the terrorists are trying to put psychological pressure on the citizens. During the day there were some more explosions but nobody paid attention at them. The suburbs of Damascus are free from the terrorists.

Yesterday they started operation on liberation of Aleppo, the second strategic centre of Syria. Five thousands of the terrorists were sent there from Idlib to meet their death. The government forces have all necessary finance and strength to counteract the terrorists and after they killed the Ministers nobody is going to feel mercy for them. For example this morning in Aleppo in the Al Furkan district terrorists opened fire at the peaceful people from the roof of a building. The police arrived and killed two of the terrorists and two were arrested. They try not to destroy the city and that's why they use another tactics. There is still danger of criminal firing on the road from the airport to the city. But in few days it's going to be safe.

In the western suburb of Homs the police took mobile torture chamber which was made from a refrigerater and where terrorists tortured and killed the Syrians. Four people were killed in it 2 hours before the police came.

Marat Musin, ANNA-NEWS, Syria
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