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News from Aleppo and Other Provinces

According to SANA reports tens of fighters from the Free Syrian Army were killed and injured in Aleppo on Saturday. It was reported that the Syrian goverment forces wiped out large number of the terrorists in the Salah Ed-Din district in Aleppo. The others are throwing down arms and running away.

In Sukkari, which is another district of Aleppo, groups of terrorists are partly destroyed and partly taken prisoners. There are still fightings between the goverment forces and the fighters of the Free Syrian Army in the district of Hamdania as SANA reported.
As a person from Aleppo told RIA NEWS on the telephone, the districts where the fighters were wielding and it's Salah Ed-Din in the first place were under strong fire. The terrorists are blocked by the goverment forces in the eastern part of the city and they are trying to get out of the ring but they are met by fire, he said.

In contrast to Aleppo where the Syrian forces are using their dominance in the firepower and as they're aiming at saving people's lives they haven't entered the districts which are controlled by the armed opposition in Damascus yet the army had got under control the Tamadun district in the southern part of the city. For more then 2 hours already the goverment forces have been combing out this district, single shots are heard only in its western part, - told the RIA NEWS Muhaim Falestin, who lives in the district neighbouring to Tamadun.

Tamadun was the only one district left in Damascus where a big group of fighters was operating. Other districts were wiped out before.

But if in Damascus the army managed to get the city under control in the other parts of the country there still are fightings between the goverment forces and the armed opposition. The reports of the Syrian electronic mass media look like war reports.

«Large number of the terrorists were killed and the rest gave themselves up — that was the result of the operation in Hama (in the west of the country) — the state channel Suria is reporting urgent news. 20 minutes later there is a new report: the goverment forces in Mayadin (in the east of Syria) started fighting with the terrorists which had losses. 5 minutes later the channel is reporting another urgent piece of news: in El-Kureia in Deir-ee-Zor (in the east of Syria) a car with the terrorists and a machine gun was destroyed. And an urgent piece of news from the south of Damascus followed it: a group of terrorists tried to block the main motor road near Arbin. Reports about armed conflicts are coming from Homs, Idlib and Deraa.
Source: anti-global.ru

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