воскресенье, 12 августа 2012 г.

Parade of colored revolutions. Who is the next?

Democracy. Throughout the history this word leads people to strike for freedom and their rights. Revolutions, rallies, riots, wars are shaking the world. STOP! Human beings are not brutal by their nature, then how did we come down to it? Isn't there anybody benefiting from keeping masses on a short leash? They are puppeteers playing a game called "organize a colored revolution, lead the crowd, and rule the country the way you want". They utilize simple, yet powerful rule, "The easiest way to manipulate people is by playing on their emotions." They oppress and blacken anyone trying to expose them, because it's easier to manipulate unaware, unorganized crowd. This is the current situation worldwide. Don't you care that this much talked-about "democracy" prove its values at the cost of people's lives?

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