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The terrorist attack against Syria is well coordinated

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July 17-19 the fighters of the Syrian opposition well coordinated and carried out attacks aiming to freeze or at least bound the operational capability of the Syrian army and secret service. A suicide bombing at the headquarters of the National Security Bureau in the capital Damascus in which the country's Defence Minister was killed had the same purpose. The current aim of the fighters of the «Free Syrian Army» is to invade Syrian territory in the bordering zone in the Idleb province and then transfer weapon, ammunition and supply to bandit groups of provinces of Idleb, Ham and Homs. And also they want to transfer additional groups of rebels.

According to the fighters reports on July, 19, they managed to occupy the Bab-al-Hava checkpoint at the Turkish-Syrian border. This fact is also proved by the video posted on the you-tube channel. This information is quite intricate and unclear but gives the picture of the events. Actually this is all a military operation coordinated with Western and Turkish secret services and carried out with the help of well-trained islamist - fighters from Lybia, Tunis and North Caucasus.

The occupying of the checkpoint began with artillery barrage and mortar fire at the positions of the Syrian border guards. Then they made a fast combat assault which was probably carried out by foreign special operations forces and then they shot a video with fighters posing against the background of the occupied checkpoint.

After the rebels occupied the part of Syrian-Turkish border there started an inrush of bandit groups into the province of Idleb aiming to disperse to other provinces. But the first thing we can expect to happen in the nearest future is activation of foreign special operation forces and transfer of special task groups. Their main target point is Damascus.

So the military intervention into Syria has begun. It's not going to be a planned occupation of the territory of Syria by ground troops of Turkey or Qatar. This will be done just by well-trained islamist - fighters, European hirelings from special operation forces who're going to carry out half-guerilla actions transforming them into military operations against the key objects of security, control and infrastructure.

The Syrian command is redisposing the army into bordering zone of Idleb. During next 24 hours they're going to take measures over returning of the occupied part of the border under their control and for mowing down the bandits which are already on the territory of Syria. The future depends on the success of this operation.

The fact that all actions of the fighters were carried at the same time from different directions shows good coordination between them. They simultaneously attacked several border checkpoints on the Turkish, Iraqi and Lebanese parts of the Syrian border.

Western mass media reported that the fighters occupied also such checkpoints as Jarablus in Idleb province and Abu-Kamal in Deir-e-Zor province on the Syrian-Iraqi border. But after cross analysis of sources of information we can make a conclusion that at least the attack at Abu-Kamal was repulsed and the fighters had a big loss.

Nevertheless the Al-Jazeera channel reported that the rebels took the control over all the checkpoints at the Iranian border. The Reuter provided even more active disinformation campaign.

by Victor Ilyin , 20/07/2012 - 12:30

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