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Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Syria: no bacteriological weapons will be used to solve the problem

 Jihad Makdessi, the official representative of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Syria, read a Ministry's statement at the press conference in Damascus. It's said in it that the Ministry had been carefully watching the process of anti-Syrian campaign in mass media which was aimed to excuse the military intervention to the country and to prepare the international public opinion for it under the false pretence of fear that Syria might have used weapons of mass extermination. But the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Syria confirmed that no chemical or bacteriological weapons were going to be used in the Syrian crisis not on any account and not depending on its development.

They also noted that such types of weapons are being stored in the appropriate conditions and under the control of the Syrian national defence forces and they will be used only in case of the foreign military intervention. The Ministry has already warned the countries which were worried that these weapons could be used by the third side that Syria wasn't going to use it during the crisis.

At the same time Syrian officials warned that there's danger that the terrorist bands could be given such weapons containing bacteriological stuff from abroad and the terrorists could use it in some populated area to blame the officials for it later.

The Ministry's note also confirmed the fact that well-directed mass media campaign against Syria wasn't helping it to get out of the crisis at all. The countries which are really worried of the Syrians' future must make efforts to stop those who are helping and financing the terrorists and to make them use political methods of problem solving in accordance with the Annan's plan.

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